Studio Hire

Our 4M x 5.2M studio is fully equipped with three 500W adjustable output, radio-triggered flash heads which can be fitted with soft boxes, 'snoot' and a 'glamour' dish. Three colours of 9 ft. wide background paper can be quickly arranged using the pulley and brake system we have installed and the paper may be run under the subject to give an infinity curve.

The whole room is 'reflection controlled' - that is to say all 'in shot' surfaces are masked with black blinds or cloth and both windows can be completely masked to give a totally dark room which is essential for good low-key work. Conversely, one window is alongside the background roll and, if desired, can be used to provide natural north light for portraiture work.

We will happily hire our studio to amateur photographers: our flash system will operate wirelessly with any camera that has a hot-shoe or co-axial flash connection, be it SLR, DSLR or compact. If you wish to pay a little extra you can even hire one of our full-frame 21 Mpx Canon 5DMkii cameras fitted with a professional quality lens. Our rates include an introduction to the equipment suitable for the reasonably knowledgeable photographer. Full studio tuition for the beginner is also offered at additional cost - please ask for details if this is of interest to you.

Other facilities: a make-up/changing room is available at extra cost and a very good quality hi-fi system is in the room, free of charge, to provide mood music from your mp3 player. There is lots of free, on-site parking. Due to the rural location of the studio, natural environment external shoots are entirely possible with or without flash lighting.

The rates given below do not include the services of a photographer, but we are happy to quote for assistance if you feel you need it.

Studio Hire Rates

Studio only, with flash equipment and background rolls, first hour
        Subsequent hours £30.00
        4 hours £110.00
        8 hours £200.00
Changing and make-up room, per hour of studio hire £10.00
Camera hire, Canon 5DMkii + 24-105 f/4 IS USM 'L' zoom lens, per hour £20.00
External location shooting, no flash gear, per day £50.00
External location shooting, with flash gear, per day £125.00

Currently, VAT is not payable on the above hire rates

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