Photography Sessions

We operate two modes of session photography: studio based and location based.

Studio Based

This variant of our work uses our modern studio facilities at Hanley Swan. Our fully equipped studio provides a perfect balance between formal and relaxed atmospheres depending on the requirement of your session. Whether you need a family group, individual portraits or photographs of hundreds of products, we are able generate the lighting mood required by you for your photograph. It's very important that you feel comfortable at your photo session and we go out of our way to help you relax and enjoy the experience.

Our pricing structure is very transparent: we do not attempt to entice you with offers of a 'shoot and a print' for £10, a devious ploy used by mass-market companies who will use pressure sales techniques 'post-shoot' to extract a thousand pounds from you! Rather, we will take an hour or two to take about 100 pictures and let you choose from them a set of three of the best which we will present to you as A3-sized prints for a fixed cost. That's it. No extras. Of course, you are at liberty to ask us to print others for you - we are more than happy to do this: the cost per print is fixed 'up front' and we will not attempt to persuade you to buy more than you want.

We hope that by pricing things reasonably and openly that you will want us to provide you with more prints but we realise that these days, images do not always end up on paper. Therefore, we offer you additional, medium-resolution images to use as you wish - again, the cost is fixed. Please note, however, that we retain the copyright to any image we produce unless we specifically assign such rights to you.

Location Based

In this case, we will visit a location of your choice to take the pictures you require. We will discuss with you the attributes of the location, the kind of pictures you wish to be taken and your expected result, and agree with you whether or not our studio flash lighting system will be required to be brought to the venue. Our final rates for this type of work will vary depending upon the outcome of this discussion but in any event we would require our traveling and any accommodation expenses to be re-imbursed at cost. Basic costs for such work are shown below.

Suffice to say, 'have camera, will travel'! We are always ready to do your bidding. Unusual requirements will be quoted according to the work anticipated. If your event needs more than one photographer to be present, this is entirely possible - we have three award-winning photographers availble, each of whom holds a distinction from the Royal Photographic Society.

Session (including one photographer) and Print Reproduction Rates:

Studio based session, up to 2 hours including 3 x A3 paper prints £250.00
        Subsequent session hours (same session), per hour £75.00
Location work, per hour per photographer, minimum 4 hours + expenses £75.00
Location work with studio lighting gear, per hour, minimum 4 hours + expenses £100.00
Additional prints from session, colour or monochrome, A4 size paper print £15.00
        as above, A3 size paper print £30.00
        as above, A2 size paper print £60.00
Image files, medium resolution for web publishing or small print-making, per file on CD £2.00

Any of the above items can be purchased as a gift voucher, which has no time limit

Currently, VAT is not payable on the above prices

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