Editing, Processing and Production

The whole point of photography is the portrayal of beautiful images, so our list of services would not be complete without offering a means of displaying or viewing your pictures.

This element of our service can be split into 5 broad categories, but don't let an omission persuade you that we can't handle it!

Printing of pictures

We have the capability of printing high quality colour or monochrome images onto a variety of substrates from top-quality paper through transparencies to canvas, all with a range of textures. Anything from A6 to A0 can be output using our colourfast pigment-based inkjet printers. All our printed output is accurately colour calibrated using a state-of-the-art spectrophotometer to ensure perfect colour rendition. Prices are here.

Mounting and framing

We can present your prints in a variety of ways, from simple, un-mounted sheets, via bevel-cut aperture mounting board, through to a full framing service, (which we contract out). Costs obviously vary hugely in this latter respect, so our price list shows our charges for plain and card mounted prints only. Prices are here.

Publishing a book

These days it's perfectly possible and viable to publish your pictures in a properly printed and bound book, either soft or hardback. Even buying one copy won't break the bank and multiple copies can become very cost-effective indeed if you have a need to distribute or sell many of them. A range of options is available and we will happily discuss these with you should the need arise. You can preview the sort of thing that can be done by taking a look at our portfolio publication at Blurb.com .

Use on a web site

Images for web sites are carefully produced by re-scaling the pictures we take. It's important to ensure that this re-scaling is done with care, so as not to lose image quality and definition but at the same time make them quick to show via the internet. We have many years experience in managing images in this way. Prices for this part of our service are defined according to the job in hand but in the simplest case, you should expect to pay between one and two pounds per image re-scaled.

Restoration, Editing & Reproduction

We can restore and reproduce photographs that are damaged in some way, perhaps by having become damp, bent or abraded. We do this be re-photographing the picture and manipulating it with image editing software, carefully touching-in areas that are missing, scratched or damaged so as to match the remaining picture. Then, the resulting image is printed with care being taken to replicate the colours and size of the original. You'd be amazed at the results we have produced! Prices for this service can vary a lot depending upon how badly damaged the original is, so we would quote for this work on the merits of the case. You might expect the lowest cost to be about £15 to include a print.

Less involved is our ability to simply copy and/or enlarge (or reduce) that treasured, one-off picture in your album. The resulting output can be delivered as a print, a digital file, or both. Costs for this are £10 plus printing price, assuming no image manipulation is required.

Further, if you have colour slides or negative film you wish to be preserved, we can copy them to digital files for you. Prices can depend upon the condition of the originals but you can base costs on 50p per image, with reductions for quantity. Again, prints can be made according to our price list.

Do you have a picture that you would like to use on a personalised gift, greeting or Christmas card, or an invitation, maybe? We can print these for you on quality card and they can contain whatever message you like - or simply none at all, to be used as 'notelets'. You can have as few or as many as you want. Prices for these are calculated on the basis of quantity, style, etc., and we will be pleased to provide you with a quotation.

FInally, if you have a number of pictures which contain the elements that you want, but none of them quite serve the purpose, it's possible that we can extract the bits you need and combine them into one picture which says it all. Again, you'll be surprised at the possibilities - no longer can it be said that 'the camera never lies'!!

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