Event & Wedding Photography

Event photography...

.... covers two specific disciplines: for example, (1) you may have organised a gathering of people or organisations for a private or corporate purpose and you wish the event to be recorded photographically, or (2) you may be performing or competing at an event and would like photographs of your endeavours. In either case, we will visit the location of your choice to take the pictures you require.

We will discuss with you the attributes of the location, the kind of pictures you wish to be taken and your expected result, and agree with you whether or not our studio flash lighting system and on-site printing machines will be required at the venue. Our final rates for this type of work will vary depending upon the outcome of our discussion but in any event we would require our traveling and any accommodation expenses to be re-imbursed at cost. Basic costs for such work are shown below.

If your event needs more than one photographer to be present, this is entirely possible - we have three award-winning photographers availble, each of whom holds a distinction from the Royal Photographic Society.

You should bear in mind that most large organised events (i.e. those NOT under your direct control) are likely to have a defined policy for the taking of photographs and you are responsible for gaining the necessary approvals (and any cost attaching thereto) for us to work on your behalf.

And - incredible though it might seem - for certain larger events where sales of images direct to the public is possible, it might just work out that WE can pay YOU for our attendance!


...are a different thing altogether! We can provide everything from the simplest wedding service coverage and a set of prints right through to the full works, with pre-wedding shoot; all-day coverage including the bride's and the groom's preparations at two separate locations simultaneously; the marriage; wedding breakfast; evening 'do'; studio-quality pictures of guests; finishing with whatever printed or digital output you like complete with quality photo-books and framed prints. We will will happily talk with you about what is possible and come up with a very competitive package.

Printing and reproduction rates can be found here

Event work, per hour per photographer, minimum 4 hours + expenses £75.00
Event work with studio lighting gear, per hour, minimum 4 hours + expenses £100.00
Weddings - to be quoted according to requirements but starting from £750.00

Currently, VAT is not payable on the above rates

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